What we do......

Mia's Dream Closet will give your child the princess party of their dreams!

We will bring the magic to your home, or choice of venue.

We will set up a rack full of beautiful costumes for the children to choose from, along with shoes and accessories. There will be a stylist for the first hour to help the children get dressed and will also do their hair and apply magic glitter to arms and cheeks. The children will be occupied by looking at princess books, and coloring princess pages (provided by the stylist) while they wait for their turn to get ready for the festivities.

Once they are done getting dressed and ready they will have a photo shoot. The stylist will take an individual shot of each child, then a group shot. The children will be able to take their photo home at the end of the party.

Once the photos are done the Princesses will get a visit from their very own Fairy Godmother for the 2nd hour, and she will provide a magical craft for the children to do together, followed by a magical story.

When the children are done eating, drinking, and socializing the stylist will be helping them change out of their costumes, into their own clothes. The stylist will clean up and take down all decorations and party supplies.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A look at our Princess Parties......

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  1. Looks awesome, Raquel! You did a wonderful job. Mom makes the perfect fairy godmother, too.:)